The new cost effective way to see the bottom of your tank, and a healthier bottom line

Iron Out is the ultimate low maintenance, non-chemical solution to remove iron content from your farm water supply. Specifically designed and proven to cope with the very high concentrations of iron levels in problem areas around New Zealand, Iron Out will continuously and automatically process water 24/7 throughout the year.

The cost effective and sustainable filtration solution for iron removal in your dairy water, Iron Out also removes the long-term costs of rust damage and compliance costs. And the benefits are clear to see.

Iron Out can deliver flow rates of 12,000 to 200,000 litres per day and adapt to changing iron loadings up to 50ppm.

Manufactured in New Zealand, Iron Out will backwash automatically and does not require the constant maintenance that other filtration methods need.

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LongVeld Gas Hot Water Product

Technology tested and proven in the world's toughest environment

Our sustainable iron filters are based on proven iron filtration technology developed in Western Australia, one of the toughest testing grounds in the world for iron removal. Iron Out filters are manufactured in New Zealand and are specifically designed to cope with the very high concentrations of iron in our water in problem areas around New Zealand.

Iron Out is designed for the non-chemical removal of high levels of dissolved iron (up to 50 mg/l or 50 ppm), suspended particles and gases such as hydrogen sulphide. Iron Out will continuously and automatically process water 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. It will backwash automatically, with no need for the frequent maintenance required with other filtration systems such as:

  • Chemical dosing
  • Continual replacement and washing of filters
  • Scalping, cleaning and replenishing of filter media

The two most important advantages of Iron Out are the filtering capacity of the floating filtering media and the hydro-automatic backwash function. Both improve the overall working characteristics of the system and provide a significant reduction in capital, operational and maintenance costs.

Iron Out uses a floating polymer filter media which is a superior alternative to heavy media filters like sand:

  • Chemically stable
  • Lasts for years with occasional top-up
  • Clean and Dust free

Automatic backwashing is triggered when the level of resistance through the floating filter media is exceeded as the iron and other contaminants are being removed. So the system self-adjusts to changing iron loadings in the feed water to give stable repetitive results.

The combination of a downward gravity flow of water and upward movement of floating media produces a vigorous agitation/scrubbing effect resulting in fast regeneration of the filter media.

We supply five Iron Out filtration models delivering from 12,000 to 200,000 litres of filtered water per day.

The advantages of Iron Out filters

  • Low maintenance
  • Combined continuous removal of iron, suspended solids and hydrogen sulphide
  • Solves turbidity problems caused by iron
  • System self-adapts to changing iron loadings in your water
  • No compressed air. All processes are controlled and driven by the filter and booster pump
  • No elements to be replaced on a regular basis
  • Doesn’t require constant filter replacement
  • Minimal water is required for backwash
  • No backwash pump - backwash function is based on gravity force and water level differences
  • The filter backwash is self-regulating
  • No chemical reagents are used in the process

The Iron Out Process

LongVeld Gas Hot Water Product

Feed water is pumped from the bore through an aerator (1) where hydrogen sulphide and other gases are removed. Aeration causes iron to precipitate out as an insoluble compound. Feed water flows down the hydro-robot (2), through the distributor (3) and into the hydro-automatic filter with the floating polymer filtering media (4) where the suspended iron is trapped throughout the depth of the filtering bed.

After filtration, treated water gravity-flows via the discharge pipe (6) into storage tanks. As iron collects on the filter medium, the water level in the hydro-robot (2) rises, creating a vacuum, causing the filter to switch to backwash mode.

Purified water (5) from above the filter media drops and agitates the filtering bed (4), washing out the accumulated impurities and discharges them through the backwash collector box (7) to waste.

When the water level of the clean filtrate (5) drops below the siphon control pipe (8), the hydro-robot discontinues the backwash.


For 12,000 - 48,000 litres/day:

  • Main tank height: 2.2m
  • Main tank diameter: 1.1m
  • Height to top of pipework: 3.1m, plus stand

For 48,000 - 200,000 litres/day:

  • Main tank height: 2.5m
  • Main tank diameter: 1.5m
  • Height to top of pipework: 3.5m, plus stand

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